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The Faculty of Applied Sciences is one of the university’s core science and technology faculties. Starting with only 5 programmes since it was first established in 1967, the faculty has gone through major development and upgrading. The Faculty identifies its focus on fundamental sciences and application of the scientific knowledge. With close to 300 faculty members, the faculty provides outstanding and distinctive academic programmes, from diploma to PhD level. The Faculty provides a diverse range of studies and research areas through three schools in the faculty: School of Biology & Agricultural Studies, School of Chemistry & Environmental Studies and also School of Physics & Materials Studies. Various academic programmes offered at the faculty is continuously reviewed in line with current developments in science and technology.

Our graduates enjoy excellent employment prospects, although a significant number of them progress towards a Masters or Doctorate, offered by the faculty. The Faculty contributes to the university’s framework by providing learners an opportunity to combine science with other disciplines. Research is focused through championing areas of excellence. Currently, the Faculty sustains a Centre of Excellence: Institute of Science and three industrial-driven research centres: Guthrie Foundation-UiTM Research Centre, Photovoltaic Monitoring Centre and UiTM-Interflour R&D and Commercialisation Centre.

The Faculty strives to continuously provide a dynamic environment that seeks to foster academic innovations and excellence in teaching, learning and research. In all of our activities, be it teaching, research or outreach, we aim to operate with a forward-thinking, results-oriented and community-responsive approach - in pursuit of realising our vision of becoming a premier institution in science and technology.








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