Dyeing Polyester Fabric with Chitosan

Najua Tulos and colleagues of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, UiTM, Shah Alam studied the potential of chitosan to dye polyester fabric. They found that dyed poyester has an excellent colourfastness to washing.

Probiotic: A “friendly” bacteria for healthy life

The Heart claimed “I should be the one because I pump blood and circulate oxygen, without me you’d all be dead”.

Me, of course”, counter the Brain, “I control and monitor all body’s systems, without me nothing moves”.

“Hey! excuse me a moment,” exclaimed the Stomach, “I process food and provide you the energy”.


Textile Technology : Protecting People

Damage mechanism of Woven Fabric Composite Model

The geometrical model of two dimensional woven structures was developed with finite element analysis pre-processor tools. The model was assumed to be in lenticular cross section,monofilament and possessed aramid yarn property.

Center for Coal and Biomass Energy

Coal liquefaction is a process of extracting liquid fuel from coal at high temperature and high pressure with the aid of hydrogen donor solvent.  The liquid fuel from coal contains high aromatic compounds that is absent in crude oil and is found beneficial in petro-chemical industries. The emergence of new heavy industries have created serious energy demand in Malaysia.

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